Turnigy UK

Starting a new hobby can to the newbie be a steep learning curve.

Turnigy.co.uk has been created with the intention to provide a single source of info for Turnigy RC products.

The whole idea behind creating this site came about when I bought my first RC Heli, like most people I did a bit of research into which heli I should buy, I set my budget and away I went, one HK-190 Fixed Pitch Helicopter was ordered. While I was waiting for it to arrive I did more research into what other accessories I would need. I found some great forum’s, received invaluable advice on heli setup, spares and other accessories that I would need.

My Heli arrived where I quickly realised I should really get a better balancer/charger. My budget is a little restricted and don’t have the resource to purchase the high end top RC accessories and yes along came Turnigy into the picture. Now I love ensuring what I’m buying is both value for money and hopefully remains from going faulty

By churning through many forum’s in my search to confirm whether anyone had any issues with the Turingy Accucel-6 and how capable it was, I found most of the info was scattered all over the place and hard to find. With this in mind and that I’ve bought the Accucel-6 50W I decided to put up this website to pull together all the info and advise I’ve found so far about the more popular Turnigy products and share it with you.

Some of the info is from my own experience but most is from hobbiest and professionals who have kindly shared their knowledge to assist others like myself. Should anyone have or find any additional info that I’ve missed or feel should be included let me know and I will try to add it to this site.